General Terms and Conditions for MOCASA Users

This terms and conditions explains the overall view of personal information we collect, with whom we share the information gathered and how mocasa service utilize/share/store information from and to other parties. Please read this whole terms and conditions for you to know all parts and understand the content.  


This site is solely for the use of the following:

-  User applicant of at least 18 years of age, with a capacity to enter a loan program, with present job or other source of income, and in good credit standing. With this, he/she can avail the products/ services offered by this application.  

By creating a personal account, you represent yourself and ensure that you possess all of the foregoing eligibility requirements, (a) in the case of a Lender or Borrower, and (b) in case of a Lender. You likewise expressly authorize the Mocasa to use all necessary means to verify your identity (including sharing information, personal and non-personal, you have provided with any third-party service provider and/or data processor.


Terms and Conditions  

1. Personal Information Disclosure

a. By applying for an account, you are agreeing with the content of the terms and conditions and giving your consent for us to collect, use, disclose, retain and protect your personal information;  

2. Borrower's Representations, Warranties & Undertakings.  

The Borrower hereby represents and warrants to the Lender on a continuing basis that:

a. The information provided by the Borrower in his/her loan application and in the Loan Agreement are true, complete, correct, and accurate as of the date it was given. For this purpose, the Borrower hereby authorizes the Lender to collect, use, process, disclose, exchange and store his/her personal information to facilitate the transaction contemplated in the Loan Agreement. For the Personal Information of other individuals provided by the Borrower, the Borrower represents and warrants that he/she is authorized to disclose and consent, on their behalf, to the processing of such Personal Information for the purpose of verification, collection of the loan obligation, or for other purposes for which Borrower's consent has been sought and obtained as well as those stated in the Data Privacy Statement/ Policy of the Lender;

b. Mocasa may temporarily stop or restrict your account if we detect some fraudulent activities. Usage of mocasa services means that you will comply to this Agreement continuously and until, and unless, there is a User's request for closure of account.  

c. User wholeheartedly agrees and authorizes Mocasa to provide user information to third party digital service provider for this application. User undertakes that his/her identity information provided are true, complete and accurate, and undertakes to accept the corresponding legal consequences therefrom.  

3. Loan Terms and Conditions  

a. Mocasa is a multi-use application to be used for legal purposes only.  

b. The loan amount approved is based on the assessed borrower's capacity to pay during credit verification.  

c. The loan amount approved is used as credits within the Mocasa platform.

d. The company will compute for the penalty, if there is a delinquency, and it will be an outstanding balance of the borrower.

e. Interest shall be computed based on the prevailing interest rate.  

f. Payment Default. In cases of default on payment, the Company will compute the penalty and it will form part of the outstanding obligation of the Borrower. The company may also contact user credit reference.  

g. Credit approved balance depends on borrower's capacity to pay, this is based on verification process. The company has a right to decline loan application when basis of wrong information is detected.  


Registration and Application   

In creating account or applying to become a mocasa user lender, you agree to provide accurate, true and complete information's about your personal identity during registration and application. In this, we are secured that the necessary documents are legitimate for such reason. If during verification of data, we see untrue, not current, inaccurate or incomplete information, we will reject the application and will restrict your access in the application in the future that will cause you locked of capacity to avail product and services.  The company will also deny your access to the site/decline any loan application on our end. Before you register and use this application, it is important for you to know that the services we offer can only be provided if you agree to provide and disclose accurate, true, complete information's on your behalf and agreed with your instruction and authorization.  

a. User must be an individual who is a certified citizen and residing in the Philippines

b. Of legal age at least 18 years of age;  

c. Have accurate information declared for documentations.  User will submit accurate, true and correct information's and will comply with applicable laws and regulations.  

d. Upon completing the loan application, you are giving your approval on receiving marketing content from mocasa via email, text messages, calls, push messages or other communication notifications.  


Using Credits in the Mocasa platform

a. This section applies to Mocasa Credits.

b. These credits operate as money within the Mocasa platform.

c. The credits may be used to any of the merchants available in the platform.

d. It can be utilized through scan to pay, QRPh, or one-time virtual card.

e. Any successful purchase through the Mocasa platform is considered paid through our payment aggregators and payment processors (like MPAY Philippines, Inc.)

f. The credits in the platform may be used in several transactions as long as the full number/amount of credits are not utilized.

g. After the credits are used, a due date will be set for the payment of the utilized credit/amount.

h. There are several ways to settle the loaned credits or amount. There will be a service charge which will be paid in addition to the loan amount.

i. If there will be delay in the payment, there will be interest in addition to the loaned amount.


Using Mocasa Gift Cards

a. This section applies to use of Mocasa Gift Cards by Users.

b.   You must have a valid Mocasa account in order to receive and redeem Mocasa Gift Cards. Mocasa will not be liable for any delay in sending, transmission or receipt of Mocasa Gift Cards.

c. Redemption and usage of Mocasa Gift Cards is subject to the usage restrictions stipulated for each Mocasa Gift Cards, including:

● the type of Mocasa offering or merchant(s) for which the Mocasa Gift Cards may be redeemed;

● the type of Mocasa offerings for which the Mocasa Gift Cards may be redeemed;

● the country in which the Mocasa Gift Cards may be redeemed;

● expiry date; and

● any other restrictions as may be notified by Mocasa.

d. Mocasa Gift Cards may only be redeemed in the Mocasa Application. Users should ensure that they have downloaded the latest version of the Mocasa Application.

e. Mocasa will not replace, exchange or refund any Mocasa Gift Cards that has expired.

f. Mocasa is not responsible for, and makes no warranty in relation to, the quality of the products and/or solutions for which the Mocasa Gift Cards are redeemed.

g. Mocasa is not responsible for, and makes no warranty in relation to, the quality of the products and/or solutions for which the Mocasa Gift Cards are redeemed.

h. Mocasa Gift Cards may not be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts, unless otherwise indicated.

i. Mocasa Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

j. Mocasa may take any action for illegal or fraudulent usage of Mocasa Gift Cards, including suspending or terminating your Mocasa account and cancelling the Mocasa Gift Cards without reimbursement.


Service Fee

a. When using mocasa services, User agrees and consent to charging the User with the related service fees.  These service fees are payments to the merchants and payment aggregators and processors (such as MPAY Philippines Inc.)

b. When using mocasa services (such as recharging or cash loan withdrawal), User agrees to pay through third party entities (such as banks or third-party payment company, etc.).  

Credit Application Verification

a. You agree that all details submitted for application are all correct and current;

b. By giving details of your reference person/s, you are confirming that mocasa can contact them for screening, investigation and verification purposes.

Liability for Misuse of Account  

Mocasa will not be liable for any loss that you've done, i.e; misuse of account as a result of allowing somebody to use your personal account.  

Account Security  

Mocasa has implemented high value of adequate security as required by Data Privacy Act of 2012, Mocasa will not give any guarantee or warranty with respect to the same. In line with this, you hereby acknowledge that all provided information's are at your own risk.  


You agree that the following personal information you used are your personal information, such as:  

• Full name, birthdate, gender, permanent and residential address, registered number, birthday, birthplace, Identification card together with live self-scan procedure.  

• Other personal information which will be requested during the 2nd level of application process;

• Information from third parties including information obtained, upon your authorization, from your employers ("Employment Information") and transaction, financial and credit history stored by third parties ("Transaction and Credit Information"); and

• traffic and usage information generated from your visits to the Site.


Customer Care Assistance  

a. Mocasa value customers by providing a reliable customer service platform, that is able to understand user situation and receive complaints about their experience with the application for continuous development of the application, products and services.  

b. For immediate concern you can use the following channels on raising concerns;  

Customer service 

Social Media Support = 

CSR User Satisfactory Hotline = 9985002901, 9176280481, 9176279282, 9190751072

You understand that for urgent concerns you shall contact our customer service hotline or Facebook chat for immediate assistance, instead of using electronic mail because it will take time to respond about your concern.  

c. You understand that Mocasa shall provide you updates on your request on regular process within the prescribed processing time, in which you will be informed of.  


Force Majeure

Mocasa is not committed with any responsibility to the User for some delay or failure to perform due to any unexpected reasons beyond company control, including the following but not limited to; natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods), public strikes or riots, demonstrations, acts of military and public war, failure of tele-communications or other facilities or casualties.  



This agreement shall become effective as of the date of approval after successful registration.